Monday, December 31, 2007

U.S. Christians 'absolutely not prepared' for persecution

Allie MartinOneNewsNow.comDecember 31, 2007

It is estimated that more than 16,000 Christians are martyred worldwide each year for their faith.

The founder of Gospel for Asia says while persecution is increasing worldwide for Christians, he believes it will soon impact believers in America -- and K.P. Yohannan says they need to get ready for it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

IS THERE A TRIBE OF JOSEPH? (and why does it matter?)

New Revelation Study Posted:
IS THERE A TRIBE OF JOSEPH? (and why does it matter?)

Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified
Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scientific Proof of Re-incarnation

Is it possible to have absolute proof that God exists and that the Bible is True?

Jane English, Ph.D., claims to have done scientific experimentation and exploration, the results of which not only involve, but completely hinge on, belief in the un-provable belief in re-incarnation.

She claims to have done a scientific study as defined by Charles Laughlin, Editor-in-Chief of Pre and Perinatal Psychology Journal which states that, “ order for experiential reports to count as scientific data...they must be done in such a way that they make clear the entire sequence of exploration...they must stipulate what knowledge is desired, what procedures were followed, and what were the resultant experiences. All of this must be described in such a way that others prepared to carry out the procedures may reenact the entire process.” (PPPJ, Vol 6, #1. p.4)

In her article entitled Being Born Caesarean: Physical, Psychosocial and Metaphysical Aspects published in the Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Journal, Vol 7 #3, April 1992, and in The International Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, Vol 6 #3, September 1994, English wrote the following: “in my explorations of non-labor caesarean birth, the knowledge desired was an answer to the question, “What would it be like to walk on Earth in a human body without going through the usual initiatory journey down the birth canal?” The procedure followed was to take this desire as part of my soul intention in this lifetime and to find parents whose next child was planned to be non-labor caesarean born and who had a doctor who would schedule his own wedding for my due date and thus schedule my birth two weeks early, ensuring that I would experience no labor. The resultant experiences are described in “Different Doorway” and are summarized in this paper.”

English assures the scientific community that her experiment and explorations are indeed scientific and can be replicated by forming a “soul intention to be born non-labor caesarean in their next incarnation and to find suitable parents and medical support...”

This is Jane English’s scientific proof that the birth experience is an essential player in the formation of adult self image and world view.

In order to accept her experiment and explorations as scientific fact, her readers are forced to accept that reincarnation is also a scientific fact…or trash her “scientific” study entirely.

This, my friends, is what is being published in so-called scientific, medical and academic journals. Does this knowledge bolster our confidence in science?

I could write more along these lines, but I would much rather focus on something much less ludicrous and much more important—such as the criteria our Creator gave us to use in gauging whether or not he is real and whether or not His Word, the Bible, is true.

That criteria consists of fulfilled prophecy.

That’s right. Fulfilled prophecy.

The words of the Creator, recorded in Isaiah 48.6-5, say this: “I have declared the former things from the beginning (prophecy); and they went forth out of my mouth, and I showed them; I did them suddenly (absolutely inexplicably), and they came to pass. Because I knew that thou art obstinate, and thy neck is an iron sinew, and thy brow brass (Because I knew you would be looking for a scientific or some other explanation); I have even from the beginning declared it to thee; before it came to pass I showed it thee: lest thou shouldest say, mine idol hath done them, and my graven image and my molted image hath commanded them.”

God’s method of proving his existence is absolutely fool-proof.

If the majority of the scientific community could disprove God’s existence and debunk the Bible, they would. But the fact is they can’t. Or they would have done it long ago.

That alone should convince most skeptics that God is real and that His word, the Bible, is true. But God knew that would not be the case, so he gave us a fool-proof method for telling the difference between what is true and what is not—fulfilled prophecy.

Jean Dixon called herself a prophet. Her predictions carried about a 60% accuracy rate. That convinced many that her claims were true.

There are many, today, who claim to be prophets of God—in fact, there are so many, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, and these modern prophets all operate on the premise that a prophet of God need only carry a 60% accuracy rate in order to be considered a true prophet.

That puts them in the same class with any good soothsayer.

Although I am a believer in the spiritual, and I know there are other spirits at work, besides the Holy Spirit, telling people “everything they ever did,” few, if any, of these “prophets” do any better than mathematical probability says they can do (if they are observant and good guessers).

The Bible says a true prophet of God will be 100% accurate—period.

So, using Bible criteria, can God’s existence and the truth of the Bible be proven? The Bible itself says that is true, and the Holy Spirit testifies to our hearts that is true.

Just for starters, even a cursory glance at the fulfilled prophecies connected with the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ is astounding.

All of those prophecies being fulfilled in the life of just one man is statistically impossible. Take the facts, and ask any mathematician.

The book of Daniel is so accurate, it reads like a history book. It is so accurate many have tried to claim that it is nothing but a history book—written after the fact. But Jesus called Daniel a prophet and quoted from his writings.

There are other writings in the Bible where God leads the Prophets to challenge people to prove his existence and power in certain ways. Our creator does not shrink from such things.

Our Creator does not shrink from being tested, because he is real…

And his Word, the Bible, is true.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And With the Beasts of the Earth....

Revelation 6:8 prophesies of the rider of the Pale Horse. Death and hell will follow with him. And power will be given to them to kill with sword, hunger, death and the beasts of the earth.

We are not living in that time as yet, but this writer believes it is coming in the not to distant future. That is why articles like the one below catch my attention.

Vietnam authorities hunt for crocodiles

2 hours, 2 minutes ago
HANOI, Vietnam - Soldiers, militiamen and local residents searched Tuesday for hundreds of crocodiles on the loose in central Vietnam after they escaped from a farm during heavy floods.

Sixty-seven crocodiles have already been captured or killed, but an unknown number continue to pose a danger to villagers in Khanh Hoa province, said Nguyen Nhu Long of the provincial military command.

"We have sent in more soldiers to search for the animals because we are worried that they may crawl into people's houses in search of food," Long said. "They haven't been fed for several days now."

The reptiles escaped at the weekend when flood waters knocked down a fence surrounding the state-owned Khanh Viet Farm, a popular tourist attraction that housed 5,000 crocodiles.

Several hundred people live in the immediate area of the farm.

Soldiers wielding AK-47 assault rifles shot dead 11 crocodiles as they crawled up a river bank on Monday, Long said, and villagers killed four others.

Vietnam has more than 100,000 farmed crocodiles, which are raised for their skin and meat, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Owners of the Khanh Viet Farm have offered a reward of up to $100 to anyone who returns one of the missing reptiles, which the company exports to several countries, including Japan and Australia.

"It's a very good business," said company spokesman Le Tien Anh. "We were planning to expand the farm to 10,000 crocodiles next year."

Heavy rains triggered the weekend flooding that killed 23 people in central Vietnam, disaster officials said. Floods and typhoons have killed 215 people across central and northern Vietnam since early October.

Bible Prophecy Study Center

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Bible Does Not Teach There Will Be An End-Time Restoration

There is much talk of movements of God and "restorations" going on in these last days...God is restoring this and God is restoring that.

I would like for someone to show me where it says anywhere in the scriptures that there will be revival and restoration going on in the latter days.

It simply is not there!

The Bible says there will be a departing in the latter days.

The Bible speaks about a shaking that will take place. The purpose of which is to shake loose anything that can be shaken, so that only those things which cannot be shaken will remain.

Does anybody see revival and restoration in those words?

Any person, prophet or ministry that teaches there will be revival and restoration in the last days is false. It is as simple as that.

Get away from them!

Better hang on folks. The shaking is happening right now, and the majority (and I do not make this claim lightly) of those who claim to believe in Christ are running as fast as they can down the broad, easy road.

In fact, it has turned into a stampede.

And many will not be able to stop in time to avoid going over the cliff.

They will fall away. Many have fallen away already.

Do not be seduced by the smooth words of those who teach a latter day revival and restorational movement.

Do not be seduced by the good feeling you get listening to their teachings or by reading what they write.

That is an earmark of false doctrine. False doctrine tickles the ears. That means it sounds really good, and can make a person feel really good while listening to it.

The Bible doesn't say that "making us feel good" is the earmark of truth.

Truth brings life. It doesn't necessarily make us feel good, especially initially. In fact, it may make us feel really awful at first.

Repentance is a sorrowful thing. It does not feel good at first. It is the awful realization of the gravity of our sin against God.

God sent his Son to save us from our sins--first and foremost--not to tickle our ears and make us feel good about ourselves.

Jesus is the only thing we have a legitimate right to feel good about.

God, who loves us more than we can imagine, said the best we can come up with is no better than a mentruous rag--that's a used sanitary napkin to us modern folks.

So, we need to get off the ego trips, the self-esteem wagon, and get serious about winning souls to Christ before he returns. Then teach them to read the King James Bible, because every single other so-called Bible--every one--either adds to or takes away from the word of God, therefore they are counterfeit Bibles.

Start reading the real one. And teach others to do the same. The Bible says the danger of falling for every wind of doctrine and the possibility of falling away is very real in these latter days.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Babes Shall Rule Over Them...Isaiah 3:4-5, Mark 13:12

Protecting Children from being Harassed by Parents

>>NEW DELHI: The authorities are planning to widen certain commissariat of the Domestic Violence Act to include whipping of children by their parents as an offense (as is the law in many western countries). The politically "progressive" move is aimed at protecting children from being harassed by their parents...<<

I found this on a blog, but could find no additional information. Has anyone heard of this? The scriptures speak of children oppressively ruling over adults and children turning parents over to death (Isaiah 3:4-5, Mark 13:12 ) ~~jocelyn

Monday, October 29, 2007

An Urgent Message for a Dying American Church??

Excuse me for a moment while I gag.

You know we have been hearing for years how unspiritual the "western" church is. The title for this article comes from an author (prophetic I guarantee it) who claims the american church is dying because we are not worshipping God. In fact, he claims that the reason we are not experiencing the fruits of the spirit is because we are not worshipping.

What a drivveling, stinking, watered down, bunch of hogwash.

Let me say loud and clear that the church is not dying. The visible church is apostasizing. That is a prophesied fact of living in the latter days--and not just the American church, not just the supposedly unspiritual "western" church--but the entire church. Like rats jumping a sinking ship...

Only God's church is not sinking.

Those folks who are being enlightened by the latest paradigm shift better think twice before jumping on the prophetic/contemplative bandwagon. That ship's going down...

And there won't be any lifeboats!

See for the free ebook Apostles Prophets and the Coming NEW AGE

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Narcissism Goes to Church

"Narcissism Goes to Church: Encountering Evangelical Worship" by Monte Wilson. An excerpt: "Modern American Christianity is filled with the spirit of narcissism. We are in love with ourselves and evaluate churches, ministers and truth-claims based upon how they make us feel about ourselves. If the church makes me feel wanted, it is a good church. If the minister makes me feel good about myself, he is a terrific guy. If the proffered truth supports my self-esteem, it is, thereby, verified."

Prophecy in 2 Timothy 4:3 fulfilled--even unbelievers are verifying that this is so.

...after their own lusts they will heap to themselves teachers having itching ears.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Opiate of the Masses & The Two Minute Mind

"It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of asubject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor orTV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in theprogram material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a videostream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal." -- US Patent and TradeOffice, Patent #6,506,148, 2/14/03

When television sets moved into homes across America in the 1950's, families were dazzled by the dawn of a new form of entertainment that would become one of the most popular past time activities in America. Entire generations have now grown up with it, watching on average 4 hours and 35 minutes a day. Some households have more Television sets than people.

What effect, if any, does Television have on us?

While there is considerable debate on the content of television programs, the focus here will be on the physiological and developmental effects of television on human beings. However, one recent story is worth mentioning regarding the Pavlovian conditioning of young children through Television and advertisement.

As the Associated Press reports, "Anything made by McDonald's tastes better, preschoolers said in astudy that powerfully demonstrates how advertising can trick thetaste buds of young children. Even carrots, milk and apple juice tasted better to the kids when they were wrapped in the familiar packaging of the Golden Arches. The study had youngsters sample identical McDonald's foods in name-brand and unmarked wrappers. The unmarked foods always lost the taste test."

Parents have found television to be a convenient babysitter, while "Baby TV " has emerged as a form of "education" for very young children. Is this a good idea? Jane Healy, an educational psychologist, has warned parents on the negative effects of Television on their children's development.

Healy denounces the television as a good educator, while holding up the traditional and natural mode of human interaction between children and their parents as the absolute best way to aid in development. Healy writes in the American Academy of Pediatrics magazine, "Neuroscientists have shown that environmental experiences significantly shape the developing brain because of the plasticity of its neuronal connectivity.

Thus, repeated exposure to any stimulus in a child's environment may forcibly impact mental and emotional growth, either by setting up particular circuitry ("habits of mind") or by depriving the brain of other experiences.

While appropriate stimuli - close interaction with loving caregivers; an enriched, interactive, human language environment; engrossing hands-on play opportunities; and age-appropriate academic stimulation - enhance the brain's development, environments that encourage intellectual passivity and maladaptive behavior ( e.g., impulsivity, violence), or deprive the brain of important chances to participate actively insocial relationships, creative play, reflection and complex problem-solving may have deleterious and irrevocable consequences.

In addition, trying to plunge youngsters into academic learning, when they should be personally investigating the three-dimensional world, risks by passing important aspects of development.

"Healy comments on the negative effects of television,"Too much television - particularly at ages critical for language development and manipulative play - can impinge negatively on young minds in several different ways including the following:

  • Higher levels of television viewing correlate with lowered academic performance, especially reading scores. This may be because television substitutes for reading practice, partially because the compellingly visual nature of the stimulus blocks development of left- hemisphere language circuitry. A young brain manipulated by jazzy visual effects cannot divide attention to listen carefully to language.

Moreover, the "two-minute mind" easily becomes impatient with any material requiring depth of processing. "She continues, commenting on the fast paced nature of children's programming (modeled after advertising research designed to grab theattention of the brain involuntarily) which often includes rapid zooming, panning, and sudden noise. Such experiences, states Healy, "... deprive the child of practice in using his own brain independently, as in games, hobbies, social interaction, or just "fussing around."

An article from the UK Daily Mail reiterates Healy's comments onTV's effect on development."Toddlers should be banned from watching television because it can stunt their development, literacy experts warn.

Young children become 'mesmerised' by the screen but cannot understand what they are watching and even 'educational' shows such as Teletubbies may cripple their language skills.

Speech experts believe many children get little opportunity to develop their verbal skills by interacting with adults and siblings. Now a report for the National Literacy Trust has laid bare the apparent damage that watching television can inflict. It points to evidence that preschool children who watch shows aimed at a general audience have weaker language skills. "Speech lessons are now being given to toddlers in the UnitedKingdom ".... to arrest the shocking decline in children's communication skills.

"Television has been shown to literally "re-wire" the brains of children.

Attention Deficit Disorder - the diagnosis of which has been on a steady rise - has been linked to Television viewing at a young age.

Several studies have been done on the connection betweenTelevision and attention deficit, one of which was cited by the Associated Press. "Very young children who watch television face an increased risk of attention deficit problems by school age, a study has found, suggesting that TV might overstimulate and permanently "rewire" the developing brain." "'The newborn brain develops very rapidly during the first two to three years of life. It's really being wired' during that time, Christakis said. 'We know from studies of newborn rats that if you expose them to different levels of visual stimuli ... the architecture of the brain looks very different' depending on the amount of stimulation, he said.

"Researchers involved stated that the programs that the children involved in the study watched was not highly relevant, because it is the Television - the medium itself - that is the culprit.

The hypnotic effect of TV has been employed by doctors who have begun using it as an effective means of distracting children while administering vaccines. Because of the release of endorphins while watching Television, the pain of vaccination is dampened.

The BBCreports,"Researcher Dr Carlo Bellieni said watching television might simply divert attention but it was also possible that the pleasure it generated might stimulate the release of natural pain killing hormones called endorphins. He also warned the study underlined the potentially powerful effectof television - which might not be welcome in everyday life.

"The release of endorphins while watching Television is likely one of the main reasons that it becomes so addictive, and has earned the title of the " Opiate of the Masses.

"Staring blankly at the TV Brain waves, which normally operate in the Beta state while we are awake, are drastically reduced to a level similar to sleep while watching Television. Herbert Krugman conducted a study in 1969designed to discover the effect of TV on the human brain.

In ThePerfect Machine: TV and the Nuclear Age, Joyce Nelson describes the study. What Krugman found was that the left hemisphere of the brain, the analytical, critically thinking side of the brain is tuned out while watching TV. The right hemisphere, which is the emotional, non-critical side continues to function unaltered.

Krugman concluded his study by saying that, "...the mode of response to television is more or less constant and very different from the response to print."Krugman continues, "[Television is] a communication medium that effortlessly transmits huge quantities of information not thought about at the time of exposure."

Is television your opiate? Does it function as an extension of yourbrain - or even a replacement?

Turn it off and re-discover the world around you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Revelation 6:8 The Beasts of the Earth

...And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, AND WITH THE BEASTS OF THE EARTH.

It is interesting that it was only very recently I was pondering the part about "the beasts of the earth," and today I see this article in the headlines:
Hungry bears plague US west after record drought
by Judith Crosson Sat Sep 15, 11:03 AM ET
DENVER, United States (AFP) - They hosed the black bear with water, threw things at it and yelled, but the stubborn animal refused to move from its perch in a tree above a quiet neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado.

Pushed from their homelands by a drought and pulled by the scent of human food, black bears across western US states are breaking into homes and tearing up garbage cans in a desperate search for nourishment ahead of hibernation.

Fires across the west also destroyed bear habitat, and the animals face the continuing peril of losing their living space to urban development.

The bear in the Boulder neighborhood finally came down from the tree and fled. The animal was lucky -- it wore an ear tag, meaning a previous run in with authorities.

Authorities would have killed the bear if they had caught it, said Tyler Baskfield, spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

This year is on target for approaching the 2002 record of 404 bears killed or euthanized, Baskfield said. Colorado has a population of between 8,000 and 12,000 bears.

"We had a late freeze in June which killed the acorns and berry crop. We had a very dry mid-summer and grasses in the high country dried up. That pushed the bears down into the valleys where we have people," Baskfield said.

It is a similar story in much of the western United States.

"Just everybody is seeing bears everywhere. That's the unusual part of it -- in places where they haven't been seen before," said state of Idaho Fish and Game wildlife biologist Bret Stansberry.

"It's a fairly severe drought and that's essentially the root of the problem. There is very little natural food for them to eat. They're coming into orchards, getting into apple trees," Stansberry said.

Adult male black bears, which weigh between 68 and 160 kilos (150 and 350 pounds), usually eat for up to 20 hours a day just before hibernation in November.

State wildlife agencies are constantly urge residents to use bear-proof garbage cans and make sure no food is left outdoors, with mixed results.

Chris Healy, spokesman for the state of Nevada Department of Wildlife, said bears are posing increasing problems. "We had one up a tree today near the university," he said.

Any area that has trees and shrubs resembles a bear's natural habitat, and when the bear spots a human it usually flees up a tree, Healy said.

Nevada has a small population of black bears, mostly concentrated in the Lake Tahoe region near the California border.

"In Tahoe people are not taking care of their garbage. Once the bears start breaking into houses it's a danger to humans," Healy said.

Bear attacks on people are rare, although there was a fatal attack in July when a bear dragged an 11 year-old boy out of his tent during a camping trip in the state of Utah.

Bears are causing plenty of trouble in California, said the state's Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Jason Holley.

"They can blow the door off the hinges. This time of year we're having at least three break-ins a night around Lake Tahoe," Holley said.

Eating human food such as donuts, hamburgers, or ice cream fattens the bears up and allows them to have more cubs. "We're developing an alarming trend -- ten percent are not hibernating," Holley said.

Black bears in California have not faced competition from their natural rival, the larger grizzly bear, for nearly a century. The last known grizzly in California was shot dead in 1922. California however still has a grizzly bear on its state flag.

There are about 30,000 black bears in California today, up from 12,500 bears 12 years ago, Holley said.

In Montana, a non-profit group has come up with an original way to chase bears away from camping areas.

The Wind River Bear Institute trains Karelian dogs, a species from northern Europe, to use their scent to detect bears, program biologist Russ Talmo said. "The dogs are barking, we're yelling at the bears, we use noisemakers," Talmo said. The dogs, which resemble huskies, are nimble and can herd a bear away from the area, although the dogs are always close to humans.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I recently experienced some problems with feedburner delivering my blog posts (seems to be corrected now) but even so I am offering the feedblitz option to anyone who thinks their feedburner subscription isn't working either.

Simply copy the URL (WEB ADDRESS) for this blog, then go to and paste it into the SUBSCRIBE box at the bottom of their homepage, and follow instructions. It takes about 30 seconds or less and you are subscribed. Feedblitz is delivering my posts, and they do offer tech support.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Revelation is not a Prophetic Book!??

The Wrath To Come Matthew 3:7-8

I am still flabbergasted at that Lutheran Woman's contention that the Biblical Prophets did not foretell the future and that the book of Revelation is not a prophetic book revealing the undiluted wrath ofGod being poured out on a God-hating, rebellious world.

I must admit I'm also a bit baffled, because her Bio (contained in the book description) claims she is both a Lutheran minister and a theologian, then a few paragraphs down from her bio, the statement is found which reads,"she makes no claim to have a background in theology"(?!!).

I suppose she's a theologian when it suits her, and then not a theologian when that suits her--and she has no shame what-so-ever about lying about it when that suits her as well. Well, enough of that.

I will contend that the Biblical prophets certainly did foretell the future and that the Revelation is a prophetic look at the wrath (of God) that is "to come."

John (the Baptist) made no bones about the fact that wrath was coming (Matthew 3:7). He elaborated on this a few verses furtherdown (in verses :11-12). John knew what he was talking about, and Jesus backed him up on it in Luke 21:26 (where he said,"pray that you may be counted worthy to escape these things).

As for the Revelation not being a prophetic book, the very first verse in the book itself refutes that absurd claim--" show his servants things which must shortly "come to pass...."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Wrath "to Come" Revelation 12:12

12:12 Revelation: The Wrath to Come

Woe to the inhabiters of the earth andof the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

The wrath the inhabitants of the earth will be subjected to during The Great Tribulation will come from more than one source.

In Revelation chapter six, we see a reference to the “wrath of the Lamb.”

In Revelation chapter fourteen, we see a reference to the “wrath of God.”

In addition to these things, each of which in and of themselves, are legitimate things to fear and avoid at all costs, in Revelation 12:12, we see the inhabiters of the earth and sea informed that these woes will be compounded by the fact that the wrath of Satan will be added into the mix.

John the Baptist was prophet who had real insight into, and understanding of, the Old Testament prophecies concerning the events of the “wrath to come.” He understood the almost absolute devastation of the earth and human population it would cause. We see that in Matthew chapter 3 verse 7.

Paul understood these things as well and, in 1 Thessalonians 1:10, was praising God that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, not only to saves our souls from hell but also to delivers us from the “wrath to come.”

There is no doubt that Paul and John the Baptist were both referencing the events that are described so vividly in The Revelation.

Jesus confirms this in his statement seen in Luke 21:34-36 where he emphatically gives warning to “…pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Jesus said again, in The Revelation chapter 3 that he would keep those who keep his word from (out of) the hour of temptation (trial) that was coming upon all the world.

Don’t wait, if you know all is not well with your soul, make it right. Turn to Jesus who is reaching out to you. Repent of the unbelief that will steal your soul for eternity. Romans 10:9-10 & 13 promises salvation to all who call upon the name of the Lord believing that Jesus Christ is his risen son.

2 Corinthians 6:2 says now is the accepted time, now is day of salvation.

Acts 2:38 says:
Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Awana & the fast growing apostasy of contemplative spirituality

Below is a portion of a report from Lighthouse Trails Research Project. Many would wonder why such a report would find its way onto a blog dedicated to Bible Prophecy when the subject matter seens completely unrelated. But it is not. One of the specifuc signs of the latter times found in scripture is a general apostasy, a turning away from the truth and an embracing of fables and doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1 ). The Awana program for children appears to be doing exactly that. Please read the information in the links below for complete details.

From the Lighthouse:
"Some people may not understand why we write this report about Awana. After all, they have done many wonderful things for children. But that is the very reason we do issue this report - we do not want to see Awana sell out to the fast growing apostasy of contemplative spirituality and the New Age; and because we care about children, we speak up. With more and more public schools teaching kids to meditate and do yoga (Yogi Baba Prem says there is no such thing a "Christian Yoga") and with more and more Christian schools bringing in emerging leaders like Rob Bell(through his Noomas and his book Velvet Elvis ), millions of children are now placed in harm's way by learning meditative techniques that will possibly take them into altered states and demonic realms. We hope Awana leadership will reconsider their position on contemplative/ spiritual formation for the sake of children and their parents. And if you have children in the program, please use prayerful discernment in light of these new developments... Read the entire article"

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Them That Were Beheaded....

Revelation 20:4: "...and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus..."

Lest anyone think the Holy Scriptures are out of step with the times, a simple glance at the headlines are sufficient to correct that misconception. I do not think the resurgence of beheadings we are seeing today are unrelated to Bible Prophecy, as that will be the fate of those who choose not to follow the Man of Sin when his time comes.

Police kill 7 accused of beheadings in Kenya
The Star, July 03, 2007 Edition 1
Nairobi - Kenyan police have raided an initiation ceremony for an outlawed gang accused in a string of beheadings, sparking a gunbattle that killed seven suspects... click here to read entire article

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Real ID

Lot's of stuff going on. Could these RFID and REAL ID be forerunners of The Mark of the Beast?

20 Beheaded Bodies Found Iraq

I post the item below to bring attention to the fact that during The Great Tribulation, which will be a time of unprecedented death and catastrophe, those who will not submit their eternal allegiance to the Man of Sin will be beheaded.
This article (and many others like it) may give us an idea as to the identity of the False Prophet. In 1919, Clarence Larkin identified the false prophet as the prophet Mohammed. He may have had some truly prophetic insight into these things. After all, who is doing the beheading in the world today? Is it not the followers of Mohammed?
We are still looking ahead to The Great Tribulation. It has not arrived yet. And there is still time to avoid even having to go through it. Jesus said to "Pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape all these things... (2 Thessalonians 2:3-12, Revelation 13:11-15, 19:20, 20:4, Luke 21:35-36)"
By SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - Twenty beheaded bodies were discovered Thursday on the banks of the Tigris River southeast of Baghdad....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prophecy Watch - Signs in the Stars

Prophecy Watch - Signs in the Stars
Contact: Greg Messina, 516-810-3344

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- It seems we have been brought to a new revelation regarding the end times. The world has welcomed the UFO (unidentified flying object) and alien phenomenon for many years now.

The latest Roper Poll shows more than half (56 percent) of the American public believing UFOs are real and not imaginary. Numerous sightings have been reported and people claiming to have had close-encounters with so-called "alien beings".

Well, now there is a different perspective on the UFO phenomenon and this one is from a Biblical standpoint. Mr. Richard Stout of Long Island, New York claims he has a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit that guided him into understanding the answer to this strange phenomenon.

By breaking down certain key words in the Holy Bible and cross-referencing them with the Ethiopian Book of Enoch he has uncovered the very coincidental similarities between certain abduction cases and sighting reports that are linked to eyewitness accounts. A website has been developed to help those who have experienced such accounts and to help create support groups for understanding the entire phenomenon is a demonic one and that Jesus is the answer in solving the problem.
Mr. Stout is a former UFOlogist and "experiencer" and has collaborated with Brian Levens (who goes under the pen name Byron Lebeau on website) in writing essays on the subject.

Using Greek and Hebrew dictionaries as a reference to the key words found in Scripture, Mr. Stout has undergone many months of writing and prayer to help get the word out. "I am only being used as an instrument…" says Richard, "…This information must get out to the public as it is crucial people understand these so-called UFOs are in fact real and will be used as part of God's judgments on man and we are that close to many signs and wonders."

It looks as if we aren't alone after all, only these "aliens" are fallen angels masquerading as extraterrestrials from another planet!

The Book of Revelation

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Children and Meditation

In the latter times, some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils....1 Timothy 4:1 kjv

Urgent Message From "Lighthouse Trails"
If you have a child in either a public or private school, please contact the school immediately and find out if your child is being introduced to any type of meditation exercise (this includes lectio divina and breath prayers).

Tell the school you do not want your child participating in any of these activities. This would include Rob Bell's popular Nooma films and his book Velvet Elvis, which are both being used in Christian junior high and high schools.

The following June 16th news story from The New York Times illustrates how serious this matter is:

The New Age is overtaking our society. Children are the newest target! This is not only affecting children in public schools. Through the contemplative prayer movement (i.e., spiritual formation) and the emerging church, children and teens in Christian schools are also being introduced to meditation. A whole generation is being taught how to enter dangerous demonic realms through practicing mantra meditation! See our links below for more information on children and meditation. See our links below for more information on children and meditation.

The New York Times "Focus on Quieting the Mind"
by Patricia Leigh BrownOAKLAND, Calif., June 12 -
The lesson began with the striking of a Tibetan singing bowl to induce mindful awareness. With the sound of their new school bell, the fifth graders at Piedmont Avenue Elementary School here closed their eyes and focused on their breathing, as they tried to imagine "loving kindness" on the playground."

I was losing at baseball and I was about to throw a bat," Alex Menton, 11, reported to his classmates the next day. "The mindfulness really helped." As summer looms, students at dozens of schools across the country are trying hard to be in the present moment. This is what is known as mindfulness training, in which stress-reducing techniques drawn from Buddhist meditation are wedged... click here for entire article>

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For more information on how the New Age is coming into schools, read For Many Shall Come in My Name. If you know a school administrator or teacher that would be willing to read this book, contact us, and we will send him or her a free copy.

From the Editors at Lighthouse Trails Research Project

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