Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Revelation is not a Prophetic Book!??

The Wrath To Come Matthew 3:7-8

I am still flabbergasted at that Lutheran Woman's contention that the Biblical Prophets did not foretell the future and that the book of Revelation is not a prophetic book revealing the undiluted wrath ofGod being poured out on a God-hating, rebellious world.

I must admit I'm also a bit baffled, because her Bio (contained in the book description) claims she is both a Lutheran minister and a theologian, then a few paragraphs down from her bio, the statement is found which reads,"she makes no claim to have a background in theology"(?!!).

I suppose she's a theologian when it suits her, and then not a theologian when that suits her--and she has no shame what-so-ever about lying about it when that suits her as well. Well, enough of that.

I will contend that the Biblical prophets certainly did foretell the future and that the Revelation is a prophetic look at the wrath (of God) that is "to come."

John (the Baptist) made no bones about the fact that wrath was coming (Matthew 3:7). He elaborated on this a few verses furtherdown (in verses :11-12). John knew what he was talking about, and Jesus backed him up on it in Luke 21:26 (where he said,"pray that you may be counted worthy to escape these things).

As for the Revelation not being a prophetic book, the very first verse in the book itself refutes that absurd claim--" show his servants things which must shortly "come to pass...."

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