Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Bible Does Not Teach There Will Be An End-Time Restoration

There is much talk of movements of God and "restorations" going on in these last days...God is restoring this and God is restoring that.

I would like for someone to show me where it says anywhere in the scriptures that there will be revival and restoration going on in the latter days.

It simply is not there!

The Bible says there will be a departing in the latter days.

The Bible speaks about a shaking that will take place. The purpose of which is to shake loose anything that can be shaken, so that only those things which cannot be shaken will remain.

Does anybody see revival and restoration in those words?

Any person, prophet or ministry that teaches there will be revival and restoration in the last days is false. It is as simple as that.

Get away from them!

Better hang on folks. The shaking is happening right now, and the majority (and I do not make this claim lightly) of those who claim to believe in Christ are running as fast as they can down the broad, easy road.

In fact, it has turned into a stampede.

And many will not be able to stop in time to avoid going over the cliff.

They will fall away. Many have fallen away already.

Do not be seduced by the smooth words of those who teach a latter day revival and restorational movement.

Do not be seduced by the good feeling you get listening to their teachings or by reading what they write.

That is an earmark of false doctrine. False doctrine tickles the ears. That means it sounds really good, and can make a person feel really good while listening to it.

The Bible doesn't say that "making us feel good" is the earmark of truth.

Truth brings life. It doesn't necessarily make us feel good, especially initially. In fact, it may make us feel really awful at first.

Repentance is a sorrowful thing. It does not feel good at first. It is the awful realization of the gravity of our sin against God.

God sent his Son to save us from our sins--first and foremost--not to tickle our ears and make us feel good about ourselves.

Jesus is the only thing we have a legitimate right to feel good about.

God, who loves us more than we can imagine, said the best we can come up with is no better than a mentruous rag--that's a used sanitary napkin to us modern folks.

So, we need to get off the ego trips, the self-esteem wagon, and get serious about winning souls to Christ before he returns. Then teach them to read the King James Bible, because every single other so-called Bible--every one--either adds to or takes away from the word of God, therefore they are counterfeit Bibles.

Start reading the real one. And teach others to do the same. The Bible says the danger of falling for every wind of doctrine and the possibility of falling away is very real in these latter days.

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