Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell

I checked into Bill Wiese and his book, 23 Minutes in Hell. It only took a few minutes to discover that he has been involved in the Prophetic Movement for over a decade at the very least and works closely in ministry with Mike Bickle--one of Kansas City Prophet --and Bickle's organization IHOP. Bickle is not only well known as a leader within prophetic circles but also heavily promotes mystical, contemplative spirituality

Wiese' experience in hell was an "out of body experience"--which is a very coveted experience by those within prophetic circles. They teach each other how to have them. Out of body experiences such as astral projection, are common among New Agers and Shamans--nothing new here--totally occult, although prophetic folk commonly reference Paul's experience of being caught up to the third Heaven as a biblical basis for that particular kind of occult experience.

Some of Wiese' experience is biblically questionable, such as his suggestion that Satan rules in hell. The Bible teaches no such concept.

In summary, caution is advised in promoting Bill Wiese and his experience of being astrally projected into a hell where Satan rules.

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Anonymous said...

He encourages people to seek the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

'If they are not against Me, they are for Me.'

To infer anything else is just plain wrong. He is not inviting anyone into any 'cult' that is worshiping another Jesus.

I am now suspecting YOU are the one anathema of God.