Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Prophetic Word about Hurricane Irma


11:30 P.M., Sept 10, 2017:   I heard these words clearly in my spirit as I drifted off to sleep around six hours ago. But were they from God? 
  After all, as I write this, I am under mandatory evacuation orders. Hurricane Irma is scheduled for a direct hit to my part of Florida in about 15 hours.
   These words could have come from my own subconscious as I desperately hope and pray that God will calm this storm and prove the forecast wrong.
    The voice I heard was very soft, but very clear
   so I have adopted a "wait and see" position. Time will tell if it was my own spirit or if I actually heard the Spirit of God speaking. 
   We will all know soon enough.
    As I write this, my bags are packed. My ride is scheduled to pick me up in less than an hour to take me to safe shelter. The ground-level doors in my Florida room are sandbagged. My porch furniture and plants have all been brought inside. I am uncertain if my mobile home will be able to withstand a storm of such magnitude. I am praying for supernatural protection if Irma does indeed hit. I am hoping and praying that this will not be the last night I will ever spend in my home.
   Why am I sharing this?
   Because, no matter what happens, whether I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit or simply the hopes and fears of my own spirit, the historic and prophetic significance of this storm is beyond doubt. At the very least, I believe it is a wake-up call, not only to those who have not yet received Jesus as Savior and Lord, but to the Church as well. Maybe especially to those who call themselves by the name of Christ.
   It is time to seek the Lord. 
  My thoughts and prayers are with all who are in the path of this storm, where-ever it makes landfall. Most of all, I am asking the one who calms the storms, to command the wind and the waves, and say, "Peace...Be still."

Update added to this post September 14, 2017
 Post Hurricane Irma News:

"Southwest Florida and its huge population of 
retirees emerged relatively unscathed" -- WP

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